Wason Biotech Inc. is a company specializing in the production of diagnostic reagents and providing raw materials and technical solutions. In addition to screening the introduction of excellent foreign products, we also use our current technology platform to effectively communicate with customers, research and development and production To produce suitable products for Chinese customers, saving reagent development and production time, in order to quickly launch products, and save development and production costs.

       At present, the company mainly acts as an agent of biospacific, calbioreagent, equitech, diarect, BBI, heamtech, mainebiotechnology, midlandbio, biocheck, fitzgerald, virostat and other well-known diagnostic testing raw material suppliers. The product design field includes in vitro detection of thyroid and sex hormones, tumor markers, in vitro detection of infectious diseases, autoimmune detection, diabetes and animal diseases and other detection kits.
       At present, our products include monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, recombinant antigens, serum, blocking agents, fluorescent microspheres, etc. The products are mainly used in ELISA, chemiluminescence, gold standard and immunoturbidimetric technology platforms. We look forward to our simple work Attitude and hard work can give the domestic production of diagnostic reagents a leap.
       Our company moved from Chaoyang District to Yizhuang Huilongsen Biomedical Industrial Park in early 2013. The relevant contact information has been updated on the website. Our new office address can better expand R&D business and better prepare for customer service. !